Week 34: Get Excited!

Happy Back to School Week! This post will be short and sweet…and that IS exciting. Ha Ha! At last, it is here. My midgets headed off today to conquer kindergarten, third, and seventh grades. I must confess, I did enjoy heading to a quiet house for lunch today. ┬áThat early alarm clock, however, I can […]

Week 30: Admirable Qualities & Books On Sale!

Admirable Qualities & Books On Sale WIN-WIN! We are going to talk about qualities in others that we admire. I first want to say, these are not qualities that we covet- as in, we wish we were like someone else, or comparing ourselves to other people. But rather, qualities that we want to nurture and […]

Week 18: Motivation!

Let’s Get Motivated! Oddly enough, I’ve had a lot of motivation today, even though this post is late in the afternoon. It has been a very busy day around here and I’m finally sitting down to blog. Let’s get right to it! List the things that motivate you: Music! Oh yeah, you know it! Give […]

Week 12: Toot Your Own Horn!

Happy Monday! My kiddos went back to school today after spring break and I can honestly say… I miss sleeping in that extra 30 minutes. It amazing what half an hour can do. We are back to being up at the crack of dawn and rushing everyone out the door. I’m getting everything ready for […]

Week 6: FUN with our 52 Lists Project

Hey y’all! I’m running late today with my blog, but this week’s topic is one that I desperately need to focus on for a while: FUN!!! Week 6 It’s all about FUN this week, one of my favorite things! We all need things in our life that bring us joy and happiness, and things that […]