The Roles We Play

Kelly prefers to take the pictures, not to be in them. With her grandfather, she lives in an isolated estate home. When her best friend wakes her up in the middle of the night to ask a favor, Kelly never dreamed it would land her face-to-face with her celebrity crush.
Trevor lives his life in front of the cameras. He’s one of the top superstars of Hollywood- and he’s on the brink of a burnout. Before he takes on another film, he escapes to a secluded place to get his mind straight. He didn’t expect to have his entire way of thinking turned upside down by his lovely yet blunt hostess.
As the walls between them come down, Trevor allows Kelly to review his next project, a movie that hailed the negative side of BDSM. The subject hits far too close to home and her confession changes his perspective.¬† Now that Trevor has seen things through Kelly’s eyes, it sets him on a new path, one he can’t reveal until the time is right. But she harbors secrets of her own.
Can their love survive the truth? Or will their new roles tear them apart?

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