52 Weeks Project

Weeks 27, 28, & 29- Cuz Life Happens!

Life In Progress…. Beware!

We’re going to tackle three weeks at once, because some how I’m two weeks behind. Have you every done that? Realized your behind and you have no idea where the days have gone? That’s me. Right now.

Let’s dive right in.

Week 27: List the things that make you feel healthy: mind, body and soul.

  1. Mind- reading a humorous or inspiring book, listening to my favorite music, hanging with my friends, remember who God created me to be,
  2. Body- hit the water! I love the lake, the beach, or the pool. Take your pick. As long as it involves water and sunshine. Walking in the park does the trick.
  3. Soul- I have a board in my home-office where I pin all my “happy notes”. These are emails, cards, or screenshots of text messages from readers, fans, or loved ones. When the road gets rough, I stand in front of my board and read all the encouraging notes. It soothes my soul and gets me back on track.


Week 28: The wildest thing you want to try?

  1. Sky-diving! Granted, I once thought it was insane to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. Now, I think I might try.
  2. Zip-lining! I’ve already zipped down the strip in Las Vegas and that was FABULOUS! Now it’s time for something higher.
  3. Tattoos- yes I think that’s wild because I don’t like needles. For me, getting a tattoo would take a massive amount of courage and no small amount of alcohol.
  4. Travel the world. See the jungle, cross an ocean, visit a Scottish castle, and show my kids the places some people only read about.

Week 29: Childhood and Current Dream Jobs

Okay, this one is the current week and HELLO! My dreams are somewhat happening!

My childhood dream was to be a writer and a singer. Since I was very young, as far back as I can remember, I’ve written stories and sang in church. I’m blessed that I have talent to do both. I’m not the world’s greatest at either one, but I’m in my happy place when I purposefully participate in the two things I love the most.  I recently released my TENTH book- holy corn, Batman! It launched with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Now, I’m shooting for twenty. The goals get bigger with each milestone. I’ve even reached an internal milestone in regards to music and I can’t wait to see what happens on that front. Growth is good.



Why The River Runs has had a little work done to her. A few errors were brought to my attention and my wonderful editor, Beth, has gone in and made her shine. At times, I think writing the novel is the easy part. Editing, covers, publicity, advertising, and perfecting- THOSE are the hard parts. I’m thankful for my team of professionals who help me in this endeavor. My books would not be as good without all the people who are strong where I am weak.

The Divine Chronicles is still in progress. My goal for this book was rather lofty and I’m determined to make it the BEST book in this series so far. This is going to take time. I understand how some of the most epic books ever written have taken years to perfect. Please be patient with me as I travel this journey. My goal is first and foremost to write a book worthy of your hard earned money and precious time.

East Texas Book Fest is coming August 5th! For those of you who live around East Texas, please make it a point to come out and

support the authors. Tickets are on sale now and I would love to see you!


Your turn! We covered a lot today, so I hope that you will humor me and play along. Answer for all three weeks!


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