52 Weeks Project

Week 19: Desired Traits & Upcoming Events

June Means Boas & Tiaras!

Hey (or Howdy) to all my Texas readers!

I’m going to be in Dallas on June 10th for Boas & Tiaras at the historic Adolphus Hotel. You should join me and 13 other awesome authors for afternoon tea and a book signing. I’ll be showcasing my latest book, WHY THE RIVER RUNS. There will also be raffle baskets, book pulls, and a goody bag full of books waiting for you!

Come sit at my table and eat all the tea sandwiches and sweets with me. Don’t forget your tiara!

Sign up today: https://2017boas.eventbrite.com

I can’t wait to see you at Boas & Tiaras! This is one of my favorite events of the year. 

East Texas Book Bash Coming in August!

Local folks: This one’s for you. Save the date for this event, right here in Tyler, TX and come see me! Reserve your tickets for the East Texas Book Bash.

Book Liftoff!

Are you an aspiring writer? Have you thought about publishing a book or series? Let me help! It’s my honor to help other writers become AUTHORS. Not only have I produced ten books of my own, but I’ve also worked with several other authors to get their books from a rough manuscript to a published work of art. Find out more about starting your own Book Liftoff! 

Week 19: Desired Personality Traits

This week’s list is about the people I most want to be like. The thing is, it’s not about being a copy of someone else, but rather taking traits that you admire in others and crafting a patchwork quilt of those qualities to create the best version of yourself.

  1. Cinderella- (the 2015 version with Lily James) Have courage & be kind. As many times as I watching this movie, I still adore the message it gives. Despite her circumstances, Cinderella is kind and brave. She gives the old haggard woman a drink, she forgives her evil step-mother, and she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. It’s a beautiful example of contentment and honor in the face of persecution.
  2. My kids- those little suckers know how to have fun! I hope I never lose my sense of wonder, adventure, and mischief.
  3. My mother- she’s the most courageous and easy-going person I know. If I ever have to face the possibility of cancer, I pray I handle it as dignified and confidently as she did.
  4. I strive for the creativity and artistry of words that my favorite authors have. When I grow up, I want to write just like them…but with my voice.
  5. When I sold cosmetics, I had a director who was a phenomenal public speaker. For eight years I heard her do the same training seminars over and over again, even helped with a few, and each time she pulled me in with her magnetism. She had this way of making people believe they could achieve anything they desired. I hope to inspire people that way.
  6. My bestie has bigger stones than most men I know. She’s not afraid to question the system or go against the grain. She’s fearless in business and I truly admire that about her.
  7. Jesus- it’s a Sunday school answer, but it’s true. I strive to be a reflection of my Father and even when I fail epically, I hope people can still see my heart and my motives.

I hope you can join me at one of the upcoming signings and let me know how your Lists are coming along!


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