52 Weeks Project

Week 14: Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!

Happy spring everyone! I love this time of year. Open the windows of the house, have lunch on the patio, and soak up the sun without frying like we do in summer. Flowers are blooming, the mornings are just cool enough to still wrap up in a blanket while you drink your coffee, and the whole world seems renewed and ready to shake off winter. This past weekend we went over to our lake lot and began cleaning it up to sell. A year ago, this month, we had a flood that came in so swiftly people were unable to get their belongings to safety. Cars, homes, and even pets were lost to the rapid flood waters. It’s taken all this time for people to rebuild, renovate, and repair.

If writing doesn’t pan out, I have a promising career as a grease monkey!

The flood happened right about the time my mother was in the hospital and we had to choose our priorities. Our camper was not nearly as important at that moment. Now, the time has come to clean up the mess and say goodbye to a season of our lives. It’s bitter-sweet. My stepfather loved that lake lot and now that he is not with us, it feels wrong to be there without him. I keep turning my head, expecting to see him tinkering with the camper or the pontoon boat. When he’s not there, it breaks my heart.

Cleaning is a good thing. Purging yourself of the unnecessary and saying goodbye to a season of your life is healthy.

Week 14: Cleanse Your Life

  1. People- (I’m starting with the hardest one first. Sorry.) Just like a rose bush, sometimes you have to prune back the people in your life. I’m not talking about killing the plant by severing relationships. I’m talking about cutting back their influence in your daily life and creating a healthy set of boundaries that will allow you to grow and flourish. (I talk about this a lot, see my previous posts! LOL)
  2. Material possessions- minimalism is something that I’m putting to practice in my own life this year. If I haven’t messed with it with at least 6 months, I probably don’t need it.
  3. Clothing- I always clean out the closets after the current season. If I didn’t wear it this past winter, I probably won’t wear it next winter either. Give it away!
  4. Old fashioned cleaning- It’s time for baseboards, ceiling fans, behind that cabinet and in the dark corners of the closet. (If I don’t resurface in 24 hours, send a search party!)

How do you Spring Clean? EvenĀ better, show me pics!

Hugs, Jo!

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