52 Weeks Project

Week 10: Things to Ignore and Family Time

Reuniting with Family:

Happy March!

This past week my family put out the call for everyone to come see my grandmother. She had a stroke and a fall leaving her not doing so well. I scraped up every extra penny I had, backed up my daughters, and we rushed off to Missouri. Like most of these painful moments in life, this trip was not convenient as far as timing goes. My March 1st deadline for my book came and went like the mile markers–I waved as it went by at 70mph! The new girl at the office was left to fend for herself and my husband had to take care of the toddler.

The girls of my generation being silly! Love them.

The thing is, I’m so glad I dropped everything and went to see my family. We were all saddened by the circumstances that brought us together, but man, we were so happy to reunite after all this time. Four generations of our family gathered to love on my grandmother in what might be her last days. We hugged, we cried, we laughed, and watched our kids play and get to know each other.

Family is crazy. Family can be overwhelming, dramatic, and sometimes a total pain in the a$$. But family is the one thing in this world that keeps us grounded. So, my challenge to you this week is to send the cards, make the phone calls, and connect with those who know your history, your ancestry, and all the quirks of your DNA!

Week 10: Things to Ignore!

Oh boy, this should be good. What are the things you believe you should ignore? Here are mine:

  1. CRITICS! Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion. I, however, and not obligated to listen to it. As my business parter once said, it’s none of my business what other people think of me. Being a writer, you have to have thick skin. Not everyone will be a fan, not everyone will enjoy my stories the way I do–AND THAT’S OKAY! ¬†You don’t like paranormal romances? It’s cool. Go read what you like and support those authors. I’m okay with that. You’re one of my close friends and you’ve never read my books? No worries! It’s not going to hurt my feelings. Think my books are total crap? I get it. I might dislike the things you love. We will simply have to agree to disagree and move on.
  2. Negativity: this goes along with #1. Negative influences are everywhere: media, church people, the moms at school, Facebook, your work, EVERYWHERE! We can’t escape these Debby-Downers, but we can darn sure protect our hearts and minds from their toxicity. It’s a biblical principle to guard your heart from those who might destroy your faith in God and yourself. While we need to love all people, some need to be loved from a distance.
  3. Drama: Don’t ride the Titanic of drama. We all know where it leads. And if you create drama, don’t take others with you.
  4. Phone calls. Not all the time, but at some point it’s wise to unplug and tune in to the family sitting on the couch next to you. I promise, you’re true friends will understand and the world won’t end.
  5. Other people’s expectations of you. I tell everyone there are only 3 people I truly have to answer to: one of them gave birth to me, one of them married me, and one of them created me. The other people I feel accountable to have earned the right to place expectations on me. To everyone else, sorry. I’ll never be as perfect, as entertaining, as ugly, as pretty, as responsible, as kind, as generous, as mean, as vocal, as quiet, as evil, or as good as what you expect me to be. That’s life!
  6. Political or religious agendas. I *hate* when people get insanely overbearing about politics or religion on social media. Don’t force your beliefs on others. Right or wrong, you’re not their compass. Tolerance goes in many directions. Stand for what you believe in, but do it in a manner that conveys love and respect.
  7. That ticking sound your ceiling fan makes and the check engine light…just kidding, don’t ignore that…fix it!

Your turn! Hopefully you can think of some different things. This is just where my mind went! Hugs to you all and have a great week.


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