Weeks 27, 28, & 29- Cuz Life Happens!

Life In Progress…. Beware! We’re going to tackle three weeks at once, because some how I’m two weeks behind. Have you every done that? Realized your behind and you have no idea where the days have gone? That’s me. Right now. Let’s dive right in. Week 27: List the things that make you feel healthy: […]

Weeks 20 & 21- Because Life Happens!

Life Happens. You know? Let’s just be real for a moment, shall we? The last couple months have been iNsAnE. My husband and my brother have been business partners for over three years and we have recently separated our companies. It’s hard going through a divorce, even a business one. There’s so much paperwork and […]

Week 16: BOOK RELEASE & Essentials

Why The River Runs is HERE! I’m so excited for you guys to FINALLY visit Riverview to meet Tina and Bo! I’m so pleased with how this book turned out and how it sets the tone for the series. Pick up your copy and let me know what you think! Celebrations! I have a lot […]

Week 15: Dream Trips & Home Oasis

Home Oasis This weekend was once again a working weekend for my family. We created a little patio on our back yard under a nice shade tree where we can sit, relax, drink, and watch the fire. My knees are still killing me, but it’s well worth the pain to have a special spot that […]

Week 13: What cheers you up? BOOKS!

Perfect Start to The Week I just love how these lists always seem to coincide with something going on in my daily life…or maybe they just make me more aware of it. Either way, this week is all about things that can cheer us up. Wouldn’t you know it, I went to check the mail […]

Week 11: Rejuvenate Your Space- With Tina Foster!

Week 11: Rejuvenate Your Space! What a perfect week for this list. Not only was I looking at Pinterest this weekend to get ideas for my master bathroom, but I’m also introducing readers to the first novel in The Riverview Series. The cool thing is that Tina Foster, my female lead, works with her father […]