Week 32: Get Energized, Get Moving!

What Gets You Energized? Don’t know about you, but it’s a Monday over here! I’ve needed extra coffee today, so this week’s list is kind of ironic. List the ways you get energized: Dancing and singing in the shower. Yep, I’m one of those people! I crank up my Spotify playlists, sing at the top […]

Week 19: Desired Traits & Upcoming Events

June Means Boas & Tiaras! Hey (or Howdy) to all my Texas readers! I’m going to be in Dallas on June 10th for Boas & Tiaras at the historic Adolphus Hotel. You should join me and 13 other awesome authors for afternoon tea and a book signing. I’ll be showcasing my latest book, WHY THE […]

Week 11: Rejuvenate Your Space- With Tina Foster!

Week 11: Rejuvenate Your Space! What a perfect week for this list. Not only was I looking at Pinterest this weekend to get ideas for my master bathroom, but I’m also introducing readers to the first novel in The Riverview Series. The cool thing is that Tina Foster, my female lead, works with her father […]

Week 8: 52 Lists Project

Feeling Inspired! Happy Monday to ya! I hope you guys had a lovely Valentines Day and are now working off all the chocolate. I’m finally feeling human again after a week of the crud running through my house. This weekend we were blessed with beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures so I was able to open […]

Week 7: 52 Lists Project

Three generations of hard working women! Good Monday morning! I hope you guys are doing well. I’m sore today after a long weekend of fence building. No rest for the weary, right? It’s been an experience to say the least. The best part is, my whole family was helping- so even though it was hard […]

Week 6: FUN with our 52 Lists Project

Hey y’all! I’m running late today with my blog, but this week’s topic is one that I desperately need to focus on for a while: FUN!!! Week 6 It’s all about FUN this week, one of my favorite things! We all need things in our life that bring us joy and happiness, and things that […]

Week 5: 52 Lists Project

Happy Monday to you! It’s list time again. I’m really enjoying reading your comments. Please keep it up! February is my birthday month, woohoo, so I think this week’s list is quite a fitting way to start the month. Week 5: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Okay, let’s start with the basics: […]

Week 4: 52 Weeks Project

Had a fantastic weekend with a bunch of writers and got so much written on the next installment of The Divine Chronicles. Woohoo! Week 4! This one is rather difficult for me! I’m such a music person. We are to list the soundtrack of your life right now. I’m reaching for my phone to look […]

Week 3: 52 Weeks Project

Week Three! Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I hope you’re enjoying it, whether you’re at work or home with family. I’m lucky enough to be spending the day with my midgets and my hubby(whose job was rained out). We are watching movies and playing with legos and staying in our PJs. It’s such a […]

Week 2: the 52 Weeks Project

Week Two: This week’s List is: Favorite characters from movies, books, or television. Perfect for us, right? Since this list could go on for days so I’ll narrow it down to what pops into my mind first. Movies:Surprisingly enough to me, I fell head over heels in love with Alexander Skarsgård in his role as Tarzan. […]