52 Weeks Project

Hurry! Sales End Today! Week 31- Define Your Personality

Words that Define Your Personality!

No lie, this is a hard list! A lot of times, it’s hard for us to take an unbiased inventory of ourselves. What are we really? Are we generous or manipulative? Are we organized or controlling? What’s the balance? This is one list where I’m seeking the help of my bestie and partner in crime, Cheryl. I asked her because she’s not one to hold her punches and we have a unique honesty between us. Here’s here words for me:

  • Compassionate- I love this word and I hope I always live up to it.
  • Giving- Again, wow. I hope
  • Artistic- Yes, I am every artistic. Creating is life.
  • Dedicated- I agree, at times to a fault. Once someone gains my trust and my loyalty, I’m usually the typical golden retriever!
  • 75% Flakey(okay, that one is mine!) Cause let’s face it, most artists are to some extent. We get so wrapped up in our books, music, painting, design, etc. that we forget about the outside world which usually means we forget to eat or go to the bathroom or take our kids to dance lessons…Oh, wait, maybe that’s just me???? But I’ll accept responsibility for being partially a flake!
  • I would also like to use the word neutral for myself. One of the things I take pride in is the ability to hear and consider both sides of a story before making a judgment. Many people have come to me for advice over the years because of this trait. It helps me be a good mom, friend, therapist, and writer. I feel like it works hand in hand with compassion. To make the best judgment, you have to look at a situation from every angle.


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