Week 18: Motivation!

Let’s Get Motivated!

Oddly enough, I’ve had a lot of motivation today, even though this post is late in the afternoon. It has been a very busy day around here and I’m finally sitting down to blog.

Let’s get right to it!

List the things that motivate you:

  1. Music! Oh yeah, you know it! Give me something with a fast beat and I can work like crazy.
  2. Pressure. A little bit is good, a lot is crippling. I find the median and work it to my advantage. A deadline can be a good thing.
  3. Checklists. There is something gratifying about crossing things off the list and seeing what all I’ve accomplished that day.
  4. Good weather. I love to be outside. Getting to write on the patio is huge motivation to hit the keys.
  5. Oppression. Tell me I can’t; I’ll show you I can. Tell me it’s impossible; I’ll make it happen.
  6. Rewards. Yes, I’m a child at heart. I’d like a gold star when I’ve achieved something, even when I give it to myself.
  7. Readers. YOU GUYS are some of my biggest motivators! When you let me know that you like my books and why you like them so much, it get’s me to cranking out more books! I love to make my readers happy!

The point is, you use what you can to motivate you to take the next step. Find the things that get you moving & tell me about it!