Week 12: Toot Your Own Horn!

Happy Monday!

My kiddos went back to school today after spring break and I can honestly say… I miss sleeping in that extra 30 minutes. It amazing what half an hour can do. We are back to being up at the crack of dawn and rushing everyone out the door. I’m getting everything ready for the release of Why The River Runs, painting my hubby’s office building, and working on the next installment of The Divine Chronicles. In between this I’ve been shamelessly binging on episodes of Arrow. I think Colton Hayes could make the perfect Brenden, don’t you? Blue eyes, sweet face, cute smile, and kicks butt! He just needs to lighten his hair a tiny bit.

He could be Brenden!

On Sundays I’m sharing some of the inspirations I’ve had for characters, settings, houses, and cars. It’s on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow me there!

Time to Tweet!

I’ll join my friends over at Fresh Fiction for a Twitter chat on April 18th at 11:00am CST. Hope you can stop by and visit with us. We always have a blast!

The Roles We Play!

Some of you might not know this, but Why The River Runs is NOT the first contemporary romance I’ve written. My novella, The Roles We Play, has been out for some time. It’s a sweet romance that is both light and funny while tackling a pretty heavy subject: marital abuse. If you haven’t already, please check it out. If you have read it, THANK YOU, and please review!

Hollywood heartthrob, Trevor, must rethink his role in an upcoming BDSM-centered movie after meeting Kelly, a victim of domestic abuse. Now that Trevor has seen things through Kelly’s eyes, it sets him on a new path, one he can’t reveal until the time is right. But she harbors a secret of her own. Can their love survive the truth? Or will their new roles in life tear them apart?

Week 12 List: Your Best Qualities!

This week is going to be interesting. You see, I was raised southern baptist in a culture where it was a horrible thing to brag on yourself. Pride comes before the fall, right? However, one thing I’ve learned in adulthood is that if you don’t have pride in yourself and understand your value as a person, no one will else will value you either. It’s no different that placing value on a car. Who dictates how much a Lexus is worth? Lexus does.

Today is about listing your best qualities. This isn’t prideful. This isn’t false or arrogant. It’s about liking who you are as a person. One of my best friends says that being humble is about seeing yourself as you really are- no better, no worse. Well…here I am!

  1. My eyes. Since I was a child everyone has told me what beautiful blue eyes I have. I agree and I’m thankful for that feature which has been passed to my children.
  2. My ability to sing. I love music and I don’t know how I would feel without the voice God gave me. It might not be as good as some, but I happen to be proud of it.
  3. Making people laugh and feel special. I truly care about people and it’s a blessing to see others laughing or to have someone who confides in me because they know I will listen.
  4. My ability to hear both sides of a story and consider a situation from multiple points of view. Mom always told me I should be a therapist because when it comes to mediation and making decisions based on multiple recollections, I’m very objective. This trait has helped me with my writing.
  5. I’m loyal. I’ve been with the same cell phone carrier for over half my life. LOL. I’ve also found that there are some people who have earned my loyalty and I will defend it with my life.
  6. I’m usually good under pressure. I’ve been put in a few situations in my life where I’ve had to be strong, quick, competent, and keep my self-control. I take care of the emergency and fall apart later!
  7. I have a filter on my mouth. Trust me, this is a positive trait that has kept me from being punched on several occasions! LOL.
  8. I’m organized- for the most part! I dance on the fence between OCD and “Oh-just-get-it-done-already!”

Okay guys, now it’s your turn to tell me all about you. Don’t be shy. This is a hellovalot cheaper than therapy!

“Hello, my name is JoAnna and I’m a blogger….”